Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peking Duck.

After 30 days i finally had something to share. LOL.

Just came back from Beijing and Yes Peking Duck.

Erm the weather there was freaking cold. maximum temp : 6 degree. minimum temp : -5 degree. It was seriously cool. But i did enjoyed my trip. I get to see the great wall of china. AT LAST. was hoping to "meet" it. haha. and went some pretty historical place like the tian an men thingy where mao zhe dong announced republic china. lol.
And mostly i went to Mcdonald there. Pretty cool. Oh yea and eating ice-cream in a frezzing temperature is SO DARN COOL. XDD.
Went to the Bird Nest Stadium and Aqua Stadium the night scene was fantastic. Pretty worth for like 3 billion plus RMB. LOL.
I get to meet pandas too. The are so cute. Feel like hugging them. Hehe

Pies That Are Available There In McD

Panda Place.

Deer. =D

Some sanitize and packed meal utilizes.

The Snow Mountain. DARN COOL.
The Great Wall Of China
Sledging on the frozen lake. FUN.

A tea break up the Walls. HAHAHA
The Greens.

Forbidden City Entrance.