Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peking Duck.

After 30 days i finally had something to share. LOL.

Just came back from Beijing and Yes Peking Duck.

Erm the weather there was freaking cold. maximum temp : 6 degree. minimum temp : -5 degree. It was seriously cool. But i did enjoyed my trip. I get to see the great wall of china. AT LAST. was hoping to "meet" it. haha. and went some pretty historical place like the tian an men thingy where mao zhe dong announced republic china. lol.
And mostly i went to Mcdonald there. Pretty cool. Oh yea and eating ice-cream in a frezzing temperature is SO DARN COOL. XDD.
Went to the Bird Nest Stadium and Aqua Stadium the night scene was fantastic. Pretty worth for like 3 billion plus RMB. LOL.
I get to meet pandas too. The are so cute. Feel like hugging them. Hehe

Pies That Are Available There In McD

Panda Place.

Deer. =D

Some sanitize and packed meal utilizes.

The Snow Mountain. DARN COOL.
The Great Wall Of China
Sledging on the frozen lake. FUN.

A tea break up the Walls. HAHAHA
The Greens.

Forbidden City Entrance.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Guys Day Out. XD

Yesterday was the day our exam ended. So we decided to catch Jennifer's Body starring MEGAN FOX the movie.

It's a pretty cool so call horror movie. I will categories it as thriller instead of horror. Pretty nice effect they have on her. Don't mind to check it out. Don't wanna tell much la. Don't wanna be a spoiler. LOL.

Preety fun hanging out with them. haha lame and joker peoples.
Hope to have more time together.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Freedom is just like ONE DAY away.


AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But quite stress up la cause ITS P.J.K. AND SIVIK!!!!!!!!!!!




Thursday, October 15, 2009



Location : Kansai (Around Osaka area, middle of the island)

Date : 15 December to 6 January
(I'm gonna miss the fun here during Christmas and New Year. Sob)

Season : Winter

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This morning i didn't wanted to go to church due to the tremendous level of tiredness. LOL. But i still did and I MADE A RIGHT CHOICE.


It started all like this, my sister came asking me where would i want to eat. So i was like decided to go the Fireman at Jaya One, Louis and Daniel was like tagging along that time. I still didn't care much and went with them.
After that, we found out that the price of food in Fireman was not acceptable and so we left for NANDO'S which was my sister's choice all along.
While we were leaving, we meet Hanna, David and Ah Kit. I STILL DIDN'T know what was happening and just take it as a coincidence.
So we settled down and start ordering.
THAT IS WHEN the Birthday Song was Sang. And I GOT IT ALL FIGURED OUT.
It was really a SURPRISE for me. Never thought of any surprise thingy. It was a nice lunch we had.

Just wanna thank you Mummy Mei Mei Daniel Louis Hanna David Terrance Phoebe and Eunice. THANK CUZZIES AND NON-CUZZIES. =DDD

Extra :

David this big dude ordered a KIDS SET in accident. HAHAHA. LOL. XD

Even the drink is smaller in size. LOL

Monday, October 5, 2009


Happy Birthday to ME!!!!



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daddy's Dayoff

In the very morning we planned to go down all the way to Petaling Street to have our meal of beef noodles which is pretty delicious. It kinda have been our cultural to go down every time whenever there is a holiday. We were there bout 10am. And unexpectedly i meet Jiayi from Wesley Methodist. Wat a coincident, we haven't met since Jamie's party which is during the late May. Quite some time already.
Then we hits the Petaling Street. I got a white strips pants that i was finding for some time.
After that my dad wanna eat some ice-cream so we when to KLCC Suria.
We managed to get our ice-creams at New Zealand Natural. I tried Mango Passion and Berrifruit. I wud prefer the berrifruit which is a little sorbet feel with some sweetness in it. Pretty cool.
Then we went to Isetan. We started without any plan to buy anything BUT my dad choose two formal long sleeve shirts.
At last, I wud call it "Parfum de Day". Cause we got 2 bottle of eau de toilette and 2 bottle of eau de parfum. XD.

Dad's Euphoria for Men Calvin Klein
Mine Cordovan Banana Republic
Sister's CKIN2U Calvin Klein
Mum's Euphoria for Women Calvin Klein

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys Nite.

Last Wednesday, my parents was out for the night to malacca.
And WITH PERMISSION i was able to call a couple of dudes over to have a "Slumber Party". We started with laptops, some cards. After that we had our dinner round 8pm at Ming Tien.
We miggle round there till like 9pm.
We headed to the Supermarket that is located jus rite behind the food court.
U noe wat we bought. Its BEER OFCOZ!!!! hahahaha.
We got bout 5 large bottle of beers.2 Carlsberg adn 3 Heineken
Ofcoz without less of some Junk Food.
We get on the couch in the living hall and get a comfortable spot dat we like and start flicking on the remote while waiting for the Liverpool match.
We wait for our stomach to hunger before any consumptions.
So we chose to watch 'Ghost of the Girlfriend Past'.
About half way we decided to start our FEAST.
But the prob is there is not bottle opener in my house, and it jus pop in my mind that i had a gift from a friend that went to australia and it was a bottle opener.
How smart am i huh?
After that we sat back at our spot and started our engines.
It was a pretty awesome night. Playin jokin and DRINKING. XD

Jia Jian MineCards
Jia JianMe Boo

Beer Phones Chips


A Girl from Japan

A girl from japan came this month. Is was a pretty cool experience having another "sister". We brought her around kl tourist spots and let her try out our local delicacies. We were her 1st host and after that she went to Seremban for about 14 days which where her 2nd house is located. I learned pretty much from her visiting. its pretty fun having her here, learning how to life with a extra member in the house. XD. She is a pretty sweet girl too, she got me sum souvenirs and her local "stuff".

Phone Hanger from Japan with her Sirname on it.

This little ostrich pen is where she got it for me and my sis from the ostrich farm.

She just left this tuesday. I wasnt able to send her back because of my DARN TUITION.She pretty like here too. The foods the hospitality that she wont forget. She left with a farewell of tears. Its pretty fun with her presence. Hope to see her gain, if its possible.