Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys Nite.

Last Wednesday, my parents was out for the night to malacca.
And WITH PERMISSION i was able to call a couple of dudes over to have a "Slumber Party". We started with laptops, some cards. After that we had our dinner round 8pm at Ming Tien.
We miggle round there till like 9pm.
We headed to the Supermarket that is located jus rite behind the food court.
U noe wat we bought. Its BEER OFCOZ!!!! hahahaha.
We got bout 5 large bottle of beers.2 Carlsberg adn 3 Heineken
Ofcoz without less of some Junk Food.
We get on the couch in the living hall and get a comfortable spot dat we like and start flicking on the remote while waiting for the Liverpool match.
We wait for our stomach to hunger before any consumptions.
So we chose to watch 'Ghost of the Girlfriend Past'.
About half way we decided to start our FEAST.
But the prob is there is not bottle opener in my house, and it jus pop in my mind that i had a gift from a friend that went to australia and it was a bottle opener.
How smart am i huh?
After that we sat back at our spot and started our engines.
It was a pretty awesome night. Playin jokin and DRINKING. XD

Jia Jian MineCards
Jia JianMe Boo

Beer Phones Chips


A Girl from Japan

A girl from japan came this month. Is was a pretty cool experience having another "sister". We brought her around kl tourist spots and let her try out our local delicacies. We were her 1st host and after that she went to Seremban for about 14 days which where her 2nd house is located. I learned pretty much from her visiting. its pretty fun having her here, learning how to life with a extra member in the house. XD. She is a pretty sweet girl too, she got me sum souvenirs and her local "stuff".

Phone Hanger from Japan with her Sirname on it.

This little ostrich pen is where she got it for me and my sis from the ostrich farm.

She just left this tuesday. I wasnt able to send her back because of my DARN TUITION.She pretty like here too. The foods the hospitality that she wont forget. She left with a farewell of tears. Its pretty fun with her presence. Hope to see her gain, if its possible.

Dat Sounds Better.

Jus got a speaker today its a Edifier M3300.
Got it at Digital Mall in Section 14.
Pretty nice specs, 41 W, MDF wood enclosure sub-woofer which has a 6.5" sub-woofer driver.
2 way satellite design and magnetically shielded drivers.
Cool huh?
Edifier M3300

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Have been using the same old template, names, photos, etc.
Starting to get bored about apparently EVERYTHING.
so here's a change....something different and special...
Hope You'll Like It.

To have a good start is to CHANGE.

Exams Out, Flus in. ARRGHHH!!!!

Exam jus ended this week. AT LAST!!!!!
been waiting for this moment like forever.
BUT, sadly i fell sick. and dats the last thing i wanna be in since its the bad time to get sick.
but luckily. i better today.
went 1u wif frends yest. and my nose was like a pipe.
keep on leaking "water".
its like draining out my energy and made me super tired.
i slept form 3 to 8 last nite. dats like 5 HOURS. lol..
then slept gain at 10.30. now im here feeling slightly better.
May God Bless Me...XD...

Will Get Well Soon Dont Worry

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time To Study.

Yesterday, i went to the library dat located at taman tun, it was the 1st time ther for me. I skipped school and went ther...hahaha...bad boy huh. I went wif Boo, Kok Sin, Kok Chong and Jacob. I studied and had our "fellowship" together..hahahaha...the twins are damn funny and lame...jus doing those lame stuff makes me cant help it but jus keep laughing....LOL....


New Member in the Family.

I GOT A NEW DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 4th of this month dat is on this Tuesday. It was a afternoon. and my dad brought the whole family to round Old Klang Road that area pet shop. he have RESEARCH for some time bout the dog he wanted a long time ago. dat is a FRENCH BULLDOG. and this pet shop has it. the most cool part is dat this dog is a one-eyed-jack dog ( black patch at one eye). so we went there and me and my sis was liek hoping to get dat dog at the very 1st sight. My dad was like attrated to i they decided to get it. the price on display was RM1980. and they gav us RM1700. my mum started to cut the price with a "one mouth price" RM1200. since they are the breeder. So ofcuz they wud be like...aiyo impossible la...aiyo...and things like dat la. eventually the price goes down to 1600. my mum was like still saying can la lower la...this and dat...the conversation took some time and my mum was like "ok la, RM1400." Then the fella said ok last price RM1450. and so yea.....they sold it at dat price and we bought it at the price. it's a puppy. and i gotta say its a pretty adorable wan. its bout 2 months old. He name is Zorro. He really likes to sleep and sleeps VERY VERY EASILY. i jus put him on my lap and he wud jus fall asleep like dat.

Zorro sleeping on the couch.
He is still a baby likes to sleep ALOT. look at his positions
Sleeping on the floor.

The Arrival.

Last week, the japanese girl i talked bout previously ARRIVED. but sadly i did not get to fetch her form the airport cuz of my PHYSICS TUITION. haiz..wanna go airport la....not been there for sumtime di....hahahaha...but its ok... at least she's still staying in my house. yea she stayed in my house, in my sis room. According to my sis and mum, she was one of the good lookings wan. so guess dat im lucky....XD....hahahha....she cant really speak english actually. she can jus speak those very very basics english. but we did manage to get to talk to her la... brought her round kl and getting to taste our local delicacies. she pretty like her.....dats wat she say.... no pic for the moment la...later on....gotta upload from her cam 1st....