Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before the Parteey.

this is wat i see in ther morning
dat fella use a kain to close up the door

i went to the children church to help them to be the bassist. and i gotta go ther at 9am. and i helped out sum stuff and i played bass ther. the kids were damn cute man....

then after dat i went bac to the sanctuary and the shoe ruthbell wore was damn cute la... see lo... so i jus took a pic of it... it was a long speech dat day so it ended late.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Letter.

on the 27th of May dat is on the wednesday. i received a letter. it's from The Lions Club.
and dat cud on9 be 1 thing. its the youth exchange program.

click to enlarge

its a really good experience. i hav to hav the qualification. ther is two section. 1st is the written examination. gotta do sum hw on9. searchin and understanding things. 2nd is interview. guess dat it nothin muc to be worried bout la. i am hosting a japanese girl from fukuoka, japan. i still dunno wher am i goin yet. this is jus a notice of who am i gonna host.

click to enlarge

hope its gonna be fun and nice. its gonna be a rare and special experience im gonna have. hope the wan im goin to is a good and ncie family.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gather Together

I went to family gathering dat day.

It was dumpling festival so my grandma made them and me eat them. it was a very long time since so many ppl turn up for the gathering thing. and my cuzz jin tid came bac from uk we chatted a little la. he finish his masters in mechanical enginering. saw my baby nephew damn cute. hahahaha lol....

cute rite??

then after dat i was sittin and i notice this damn damn big key. hangin wif the banana so i took a few pics la. too boring dat time haha.
it was exam peroid so i left early while they were sharing and havin quality

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free and Off I Go.

its been like hmmm how long...
thurday 1
friday 2
monday 3
tuesday 4
wednesday 5
thursday 6
friday 7
monday 8
tuesday 9
wednesday 10
so it was like 10 days and split into 3 weeks.ITS 3 LONG LONG WEEKS. gosh im glad its jus over.ITS OVERRRRRRRR.WOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

for the 1st time examing in the skul i can tell u dat the exams were HARD it was jus HARD even if u study it still is.oh my my.

after skul. I HAD NO PLAN. its like kinda a first time usually after exams i wud be like flying around like a KITE. hahahahaha. BUT, today i jus came home went online and went for basketball as usual maybe this is cause of me been super tired after sleeping late dat day. ah. i cuz sleep in peace now. XD

Saturday, May 23, 2009

When I Was A Young Boy.

Chatting on msn one day and wee cherng was like asking me to check out wei joe's small little kid picture and him showing those picture of him when he was little jus make me feel like showing everyone how CUTE(teehee...XD) i look when i was a little boy. So i decided to scan a few pictures up to show u guys since i have a scanner.

SO...hows it...wat do u think bout it???


Remember me talking my haircut and stuff. I did take a few shots of it. but its the front only la.cant really see the side. and my hair now is long again. so fast it is long again.

so wat do u think bout it. ok i guess...rite????

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ate japanese today in crystal crown...not bad...sumthing new to try was kinda cool....

this is the big shell for scallops.

this is a saba fish...taste good too.

this is the small little pregnant fish.

Last Sunday family invited sum1 special...a special guest....and u noe hu is dat. its le....we went to the japanese restaurant in bangsar village its call mizu.....

it was not dat nice...summore kinda not dat worth it...the crytal crowns japanese is more worth it and nicer and cheaper summore..haha lol...
yea so we ate together chatted sum while and SUMONE hu owes me my bio reference book came too...and cuz i hav a exam to she went ther and i was ther so she gave it to me....luckily man...if not im dead for bio summore so hard....luckily.... it was kinda special dinner cuz ther is SPECIAL ppl rite.....yea haha....
heres sum pic

( i wasnt in ther cuz im the camera man...sob....)

its ok to be lonely...XD




Leonster and the Pheebster

We went to a "dao chao" last nite in seafield cuz its ps.esther bday so my dad treated them. and phoebe and me was like camwhorin wif a htc diamond. its cam is ok la. cuz we used the 3g camera so its kinda blur.

So we started playing wif our emotions. XD...

cute huh?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


its the 1st time ever a teacher gave me a nickname and u noe wats dat. its....


she was kinda pissed off dat time and i was jus been a litte noisy and she was like

eh, lion
saya marah then i panggil kamu Lion
then my frends and me were like laughin...

my teacher owe me sum papers for bio so she printed it and she gave it to my frend to pass it to me....and guess wat name she wrote....duh...its LION

then later on i bump into dat teacher while goin to the toilet and i said this to her

eh cikgu, im ur worst nightmare le...u noe y...
cuz im a LION....get it....hahahahaha lol.....

another nightmare and dats.....EXAMINATION......mine started this thrusday and it was bm...paper 1 & it was kinda tough man....hope i will do good in my 1st exam in dat skul....and friday was bio paper 2 and was hard especially the paper 3 part....and i hav learn THINGS durin dat period of time....i learn the art of COPYING.... obviously i dun la....but i SAW its process
1. high skills
2. good eyes
3. fast speed
4. stay calm
with this four actions u can be a master of copy-er....
now i noe wats the real stuff or copyin.

exams here.....

thers more for the followin two weeks. my exam ends on the last wednesday of this month. wanna get better grades for dis mid year exam......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stay Tune.

thers more i gonna blog soon. but due to my exam dat is just by the corner (which is on Thursday) so i gotta chill a little and get into the studying FEVER. so just be a little patient and all the funs and excitement will be shown to u guys. ther r a few stuff i wanna blog NOW but sadly thers no time. gotta get off the computer before the "man" of the house shoos me. ADIOS ppl. see ya soon..........

sorry for the inconvenient

its alwiz worth a wait.....XD

Shoe Freaks.

mirror effect cool rite...

shoe swap

formal cross

converse cross

checkers cross

wow. hahaha. and u gotta noe these are all from the SAME LAME DUDES. dat is the LOLLIES.
jus two lame cuzzins taking picture of their own pairs of shoe. coll leh...envy???
hope u enjoy the art of SHOE FREAKS.....hehehehe.......XDDD.....

Economy Crisis.

On the way to church (taken by Leon)

dis is wat it is call "SAVING". cuttin down on those unnecessary things. buy wat we NEED not wat we WANT, so those who spend their money on uneeded things shud be holdin on to ur
pocket now. (as the picture above) even a MERCEDES BENZ uses a toilet roll instead of facial tissue...moreover us dat are jus using a normal car that is not even close to luxuries shud be "saving. saving and saving". this is a callin for us all out ther to be more consious bout the financial and economy problems crisis difficulties dat we are facing.


save ourself.


Happy Mother's Day.

Jus wanna wish all the MAMAS out ther

this morning my family and i went to my grandparents place to kinda giv my grandma a surprise la. my dad bought a blueberry cheese cake and we kinda celebrate ther. it was our breakfast. wat a start for a day adn i had a white coffee super thick makes my heart go rapidly. lol.

and in church today those star kids (childrens) and my cousin Phyllis presented a really eye tearing story and a short thanks giving speech especially for the MAMAS. not oni the mummies was tearing but even the DADDIES...hahaha lol.....really touching huh.