Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

While watching "Hotel for Dogs" which is a pretty cool movie about a group of teenagers that are the heroes and heroins of the dogs. Bout close to the end of it. My phone rang. The 1st impression on the voice was a really dj voice. And it jus hint me bout a application i applied on the fly fm website for the "Back to School" tutoring thing. I jus cling on to dat hypothesis dat it was Prem from fly fm. I was dat excited at dat time when i was appliying for it cuz Adriel applied and he got it. So i was like "Why not jus give it a shot?" so i did so. And while he was talkin to me. I asked " You are.....". He answered wif his signature tone dat u find on radio stations when they indentify themselves " I am Prem".

At dat moment i was like kinda WOW....haha....and I WAS CHOOSEN as the tutor of Prem. and the coolest part is dat i aready have A 100 BUCKS when he chooses me. and if we win against the morning crew, i get another 200 Bucks if not mistaken. So its like instant cash. And this Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader thing is held in Tropicana City this very Saturday. Obviously in goin la....rite??

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Little MJ Fan.

i went church today and Eedron was sketching a pic of Micheal Jackson. and this little boy called "Hooi Thin" came over.

This is Micheal Jackson

I see him before in the tv

when..when he dancing oh he always like to hold his KUKUBIRD wan.


He oh like scared dat his KUKUBIRD DROP DOWN.....


| Hooi Thin |

Guess wat he imitated MJ's dancing...hahaha.....DAMN CUTE

(sorry for the side view, cant rotate it)

Swings and Balls.

When to park wif Adriel and as our usual routine...haha....we CAMWHORED gain....super cool wan dis time.....is fun playing wif him. NO LONG FACES NO COMPLAINTS. XD.....=)
i like this the most. pretty cool pose on a swing..hahaha
this causes him to fall back doin a somersault....OUCH!!!!
us on the swing.
drinkin teh ais.

drinkin "tiga layer the"

me jumping off the swing.
trying to do "toe touch"...XD

me again.

adriel attempting on the ball

nice pose.
BACK SLAM. (but missed.XD)
Split on air. =)

3 Pointer.

time to let go the whole damn thing.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Sunday.

Guess wat when to FIREMAN gain....got some cool shots la....

The Pot

damn cool leh....1nd time watching it. but its quite pro la....cant deny it.....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Supporters.

I got a video of the supporters ( ps : its not the most out of them.)


Last week was Cheer 09' and WE WON.....THE BLITZERZ WAS THE CHAMPION. and besides tha we got BEST SUPPORTER of the year....WUHHOOOOOO....... its the 1st year attending this event and they won. the moment and dat split second when it was announced dat we won was jus A BOOM.......every1 was screamin at the TOP of their voices. and it went well.
During cheer dat day. i saw my old cheerleader buds form my previous skul they were ther to watch they jus stonned ther jus by seeing thier stunts. glad dat i saw them. pretty miss them....HEHE.....adn i meet CAREY too....

The Hairband I Wore
Aifq and I
Kay Yen Me and Oscar
Me and Geraldine
The Proms We Used
The Signs We Used

Bryan and I
Kesh and I
The crowd
Geraldine and I
Us Guys

Me Jescyn and Kay Yen
In the bus
Su Wee and Zu Kuan
Oscar and Renuka

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cheer o9'

first year ther.
i like those dudes teams they did well too....
first day jus pass....hope tmr the FINALE wud be a great wan.