Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys Nite.

Last Wednesday, my parents was out for the night to malacca.
And WITH PERMISSION i was able to call a couple of dudes over to have a "Slumber Party". We started with laptops, some cards. After that we had our dinner round 8pm at Ming Tien.
We miggle round there till like 9pm.
We headed to the Supermarket that is located jus rite behind the food court.
U noe wat we bought. Its BEER OFCOZ!!!! hahahaha.
We got bout 5 large bottle of beers.2 Carlsberg adn 3 Heineken
Ofcoz without less of some Junk Food.
We get on the couch in the living hall and get a comfortable spot dat we like and start flicking on the remote while waiting for the Liverpool match.
We wait for our stomach to hunger before any consumptions.
So we chose to watch 'Ghost of the Girlfriend Past'.
About half way we decided to start our FEAST.
But the prob is there is not bottle opener in my house, and it jus pop in my mind that i had a gift from a friend that went to australia and it was a bottle opener.
How smart am i huh?
After that we sat back at our spot and started our engines.
It was a pretty awesome night. Playin jokin and DRINKING. XD

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Jia JianMe Boo

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