Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Girl from Japan

A girl from japan came this month. Is was a pretty cool experience having another "sister". We brought her around kl tourist spots and let her try out our local delicacies. We were her 1st host and after that she went to Seremban for about 14 days which where her 2nd house is located. I learned pretty much from her visiting. its pretty fun having her here, learning how to life with a extra member in the house. XD. She is a pretty sweet girl too, she got me sum souvenirs and her local "stuff".

Phone Hanger from Japan with her Sirname on it.

This little ostrich pen is where she got it for me and my sis from the ostrich farm.

She just left this tuesday. I wasnt able to send her back because of my DARN TUITION.She pretty like here too. The foods the hospitality that she wont forget. She left with a farewell of tears. Its pretty fun with her presence. Hope to see her gain, if its possible.

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